Friday, October 11, 2013

"Short Skirt" and A Longggg Longggggggg BlogAboutIt

So a few weeks ago, I posted this on my Facebook:

"To the girls who yelled out their car window that my knee length pencil skirt was "too short" for BYUI: Thank you so much for telling me your opinion in such a classy and kind way. Maybe I should've yelled back that your car could use a rinse, but I didn't think that it was appropriate. You should know that I take very seriously what I have yelled at me out car windows. Said no one with a brain ever. So next time you want to act like the self righteous prick I am sure you are, why don't you do it in a less cowardly way."

I'll tell you the whole story. 

I have lovely roommates, one of whom is engaged and her best friend, both who visited Pocatello on the Sunday in question. Another has a boyfriend, and wanted to see her old ward. Another had just gotten into town early that morning, and so none of them were planning on going to my ward. It wasn't a big deal, but I didn't want to go to a new ward by myself, so instead I went to my friend Erin's ward. 

I live a few blocks away from Erin, and her church is super close to her house, so no one drove. As a result, I had to walk home by myself. I decided to call my friend Ashley, from Maryland, and chat with her on the way. 

As I was speaking to her, I was kind of holding down my pencil skirt. There was a strong breeze, and, as many of you ladies know, if you're walking around a ton even the best pencil skirt is going to come a bit above your knees to allow better movement. I was also going uphill, so I was really lifting my knees. I was focused on my conversation and walking, but I did notice a car about to pass me with three girls inside. 

My concentration was broken by the cawing of one of the girls inside the car. "That skirt's too short for BYUI!" She screamed. She and the other girls cackled, and the driver sped up. 

Ashley immediately started cussing in my ear, asking me what that was, what had been said. I was embarrassed for my school, and everyone on the street had turned around to see what the hags had been shrieking about.   

There are several things that were so wrong with this situation, number one being, why the heck do you think it's a good idea to yell your opinion out a window at anyone? You obviously have been in the bubble too long. I hope you try that in the real world, you'll definitely get blue, purple, and black results. 

Second, what if I was a freshman, who had just left home and was probably scared and feeling kind of alone? A few years ago I was an extremely awkward girl who was uncomfortable with my appearance.  Whenever I found an outfit I thought made me look pretty, my self esteem would shoot up, and I would feel excited and happy about being myself. I'm older now, and I have confidence and I love who I am, but if you had shouted out your window at me five years ago, why on Earth would I want to stay at this school? I would honestly have not known what to do.  

Third, I was obviously walking home by myself. Maybe being on my own made me an easier target for your ridiculous and malicious? I don't know, but whatever it was that made it so easy for you to act like such a peasant, please pull your head out of your rear. 

Another thing. This is a church school, and I understand there are certain standards. However, even if I was wearing something inappropriate, it is not your responsibility to correct me in such a despicable manner. You are the face of those people who make this school into a joke. 

You obviously claim to follow the commandments to a T. Did you ever hear about Jesus treating anyone in such a fashion? You can look through any set of scriptures and I guarantee that such a passage will never ever show up. 

You make this church look like a judgmental den of jealous women and depraved men. I was on the phone with a very good friend of mine, a nonmember whom I love very much. She overheard you screaming your distaste, and she was disgusted. How embarrassing. I love this religion, but how am I supposed to share it with my friends when I'm not sure if members can properly behave thems
elves? I felt like so much credibility went out the window with your words. She instantly was protective and concerned for me, and disgusted with my school. Again how embarrassed and how ashamed you should be. 

I've had some pretty ridiculous stuff yelled out of car windows at me, I'm pretty used to it. It's been part of my life since I was fourteen years old. I normally would not be offended, just kind of annoyed. With guys, it's just a way of voicing a lewd thought. It's gross, but I can handle that kind of gross. It's the idea that you might think that your actions are appropriate that really gets under my skin. One day, you'll say something to the wrong girl, a girl who is nervous and young and uncomfortable in her own skin. When that day comes, whatever actions that follow are on your head. 

I hope you realize your error, and do your best to correct it. I hope one day you realize that your rude statements, which I'm sure you consider "corrections," are not what the church I love promotes, and that being a coward is perhaps only better than being a hypocrite. I hope you regret your actions, and that someday someone has a chance to teach you a lesson, because you surely didn't want to give me a chance to defend myself. 

Well, this is as close as I can get to confronting you. Enjoy your bubble, your cowardice will not be safe outside of it. What a rude awakening you are in for. 

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