Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Kinda Weird...

So basically whenever I go anywhere, people think I am Hispanic.

When I was in Kindergarten, I was put in ESOL. Do you know what that stands for? English as a second language. I always thought I was pretty easy to understand, but my family has told me that Isometimestalksuperfast so maybe that was the problem.

My long term kindergarten substitute sent me off to a class where I didn't understand anyone else around me, but I think I survived it just fine. I made friends with all the kids and I still remember how to say "no" in Spanish and German!

"No!" and "Nein!"

This past year, I went to Disneyworld with my three younger siblings and my parents. My fabulous older sister Heather was working there, so we got to get in free some places!

One night, we were in a fast food restaurant. My contacts had been on my eyes a long time, so I was squinting at the menu. My family had moved off to another cash register, and I was alone, trying to figure out what this little menu on the wall said. The Hispanic woman smiled at me, shook her head, and handed me a menu. She said something that sounded nice but I didn't understand in Spanish, and so I just smiled naively and replied, "Gracias!" before glancing down at the menu. I was really confused by the words on the menu, until the obvious struck me.

It was in Spanish.

There are other examples, but those are all I have time to write down today :)

I'm really not sure where the world gets this idea. I'm pretty pale and I have green eyes. I guess my hair is pretty dark, but that's like it. Whatever the answer is, I think I should apply to college as a linguistics or communications major because I would have the best application essays ever.



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